Snow Days 

(Flexible Instruction Days)

Printable Snow Day Packet (3 Days)

Printable Snow Day Packet
If you have misplaced your Snow Day packet, here is a printable PDF.
Snow Day Packet 3 Days.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.2 MB

If today is a Snow Day for the district--technically called a Flexible Instruction Day, or FID, please read the message below.  
All students should have the Snow Day Packet in their Take-Home Folders.  The packet has 3 Days of "Snow Day" assignments.  
Students need only to complete one day's section per day.  
Students will return the packet on the next day or school and we'll check the work and answer questions together.  However, if you have any questions about today's Snow Day work, I will be available via email.   
If students have any questions about the work, they may also email me or they may post a comment on our Google Classroom Stream page (the home page) and I can message them back during the same time, 9:30-2:45.  (Please let the students know that this Stream is only to be used to message me about school work.) 
I made the packets to help families with emergency daycare who couldn't rely on technology on days like this.  Please don't stress about the work.  We'll figure it out together.