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Getting Started

Play the Slideshow below to see how to log on to Google and start your 2nd Grade Google Classroom. 

Printable Directions
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What to Expect for our Online Learners


    • Access to the Google and Google Classroom:
    • NOTE: I have already set up your child's Google Classroom account.  All they have to do is login and click on my Classroom icon.  

    o   All students will login using their school Gmail address and password:

    • Student Usernames: (This is also their email address.)
    • Student Passwords: LunchnumberPt (Please note the capital “P”.) Passwords will look something like this example: 905123Pt 
    • This password is universally used for almost all of their school-related websites, too.


    ·  Curriculum:  

    • Your online learner will be following the same curriculum as in-school students.  
    • Online Daily Schedule:  
      • I will be posting assignments daily by 8:30 each morning. 
      • Students should complete each assignment in the Classwork section by 3:30 of that assigned day. This will allow me to check academic progress throughout the school day and answer questions posted by Online Students. 
      • Because of the constraints of teaching both an In-person Class and an Online Class at the same time, all online assignments will have a final deadline of Thursday at 11:59 PM. This should accommodate any reteaching or further instruction needed that I wasn't able to get to while working with students in the physical classroom. 


    • Delivering Instruction:
      • Instruction will be delivered through the “Classwork” section of my Google Classroom. 
      • All work will be Digital Documents or Slides that will be editable and completed online.  There is a “Turn In” or "Mark as Done" button that must be pressed to submit work and receive credit.
      • Students will not--or rarely--be asked to complete actual hard copies or paper school work. 
      • In the “Classwork” section, students will see the topics, “Word Work,” “Grammar,” “Reading Skills,” and “Math.” (More topics, including Science and History will be added at a later date.)
      • Under each topic will be the assignments to be completed.
      • My instruction will include recorded lessons from me, educational videos, and/or slide shows as demonstrations.   


    • Expectations for Completing Assignments Independently:
      • All assignments are to be completed daily by the student to the best of his/her abilities and turned in the day that they are assigned.
      • While I encourage parents or guardians to help on the technical side, it’s important to allow students to complete the learning task independently.  I will account for “formatting” or technical mistakes. 


    • Grading:  
      • Anything that is graded in the classroom will be graded Online. 
      • Graded Work will be Marked “Test” or “Quiz” and will be delivered and completed digitally. 


    • Contacting the teacher:
      • Students can directly contact me on the Google Classroom “Classwork” page in a special box that says Private Comment.  That will show up instantly in my email.  However, please be advised that I will be teaching a live, in-person class and will not always be readily available to answer emails immediately.
      • Parents/Guardians assisting students can email me at


Understanding Google Classroom Videos

Below are videos from YouTube to help you understand Google Classroom better.  

Parent's guide to Google Classroom

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