Reading Unit 6, Week 3

Stories We're Reading This Week...

This Week's Vocabulary

Check out these Astronaut Handbook links

A trip on the "Vomit Comet" (video)

Toilets in Space (video)

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How It's Made: Paper Recycling

Similes--They are as useful as a screw driver.

Points of View

The two Three Little Pigs videos below show the same story but from different Points of View: 

The Pigs' Point of View: 

The Wolf's Point of View: 

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Watch videos and learn more about Astronauts. 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


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Click on the picture to go to our Science page and learn more about Super Crocs.
Click on the picture to go to our Science page and learn more about Super Crocs.

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Videos That Go with our Stories

"A Harbor Seal Pup Grows Up" Videos

Cause and Effect

Story Questions Directions

 THINK             WRITE              VERIFY           PROOFREAD


Story Questions Directions


Do Questions 1-5.


1.  Reread the story.

2. Read the question until you understand what it’s asking.

3. Think about what your answer is. (Think)

4. Go back into the story and see if you can find the answer. (Verify)

5. On the white paper, write your answer in a clear and complete sentence.  Try to use some of the words in the question to begin your answer.  (Write)

6. Proofread your answer.  (Proofread)

  • ·     Check for:

a) That you answered the question completely;

b) capital letters at the beginning of sentences;

c) end marks and punctuation marks;

d) spelling