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Math Problem Solving Workbook

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Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts


Master Facts and earn your Dog Tags

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Here are basic lessons for this Topic.  You can use these mini lessons to review or practice at home.  



Games and Videos

Practice Counting Money Game

To learn about U.S. coins,  


click here or on the picture



Click on the picture below


and click on the coin names

Click on the picture to go to
Click on the picture to go to

How Much is a Penny, Nickel, and a Dime? "Coin Song"

Making a Dollar song

Test your skills at finding the Perimeter and Area of shapes using your math skills.  


There are 4 different levels.  

  1. Start with the EASY level and work your way up to SUPER BRAIN.  


There are 3 versions:

  1. Try the "Perimeter" game first. 
  2. Then play the "Area" game next.
  3. Finally, try the "Area and Perimeter" game.  

Math Videos

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Online Math Flashcards

  • Start at Level 1 and work your way up. 
  • Choose the skill you need to practice--Addition, Subtraction, or Multiplication and Division or mixed practice.  


Quick Look Mini Lessons and Activities 

Click here to work on you math skills with online games.
Click here to work on you math skills with online games.

Learn Addition Facts with These Songs

Online Fraction Games

Fun Fraction Song Videos

Doubles Facts Activities and Songs

Penn-Trafford's Math Series Common Core Connection.